The main page of this website hosts a Javascript clone of ELIZA, an early NLP project by Joseph Weizenbaum, and one of the first chatterbots ever written. The source code is on Github for your perusal, enjoyment and/or horror. The script (which is where the majority of the “intelligence” lives) is mostly faithful to the original.

Birds / Boids

I’m working on a bird flocking simulation - so far I’ve got to the stage of a 2D javascript version of boids. I’ve written about this here, and the code is here.


I’ve released a shell environment switcher called env_hooker. It’s an (ugh) lightweight and (aaaaargh) minimal alternative to things like direnv, that I definitely did not write just because I didn’t know about those other things.


The rest of my publicly available code can also be found on Github. My dotfiles are really good, no honestly they are. You can tell because I actually released some of them (see above).