Paperclip: Padding Image Attachments

At Tribesports we deal with a vast quantity of external images. We use thoughtbot’s excellent Paperclip gem for all of our image attachments; it allows us to manage everything from design formats to CDN storage with so little effort it’s almost insulting.

I’m currently resizing the images for our site to fit a new design, and came across a requirement not supported by Paperclip’s image format strings (which are inherited from ImageMagick); namely, to pad images to the desired aspect ratio, rather than crop or distort them.

This is very simple to achieve using a custom processor. First, we set up a simple model with our desired geometries, and tell Paperclip that we want to use a custom processor called Padder:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :image,
    :styles => {
      :small     => "50x50",
      :medium    => "130x130>",
      :large     => "280x280>",
      :haystacks => "330x330>" },
    :processors => [:padder]

Next, we create our custom Padder processor. This needs to go somewhere in our application’s auto-load path; I placed it in lib/paperclip.

We want to inject our custom behaviour at the resizing stage, so we sub-class Paperclip’s Thumbnail class, and override its #transformation_command method. This returns an array of strings that are joined to produce an ImageMagick convert command. To pad an image to a specified size, we use ImageMagick’s -extent option with a background colour and an alignment. Then we simply append it to the super’s transformation command:

module Paperclip
  class Padder < Thumbnail
    def transformation_command
      super + ["-gravity center",
               "-background white",
               "-extent", %["#{geometry_extent}"]]

    def geometry_extent

The #geometry_extent method just creates a pure geometry specification string (without any special imagemagick modifiers). And that’s all there is to it.

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